Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Brush your hair!  Spiff up your clothes!  It's Unleashed Family Portraits in the park!

MugsyClicks is delighted to offer great deals on family portraits from our fabulous photographers.  These special sessions are happening at various parks over the next few weeks.  JUST IN TIME for holiday portraits.  Quick and easy.  Just choose your location, date and time.  Your photographer will meet you there and capture the joy of family images.

To view available session dates click "book now" button below. Choose your favorite location and then check photographer name for dates.

Session Fee: $95   Sample Print Pricing: Click Here

For Session Details and photo day tips and hints click here.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

All About an Unleashed Session

Here are a few hints to help make your family session successful.

What to Wear:
The best choices are simple and plain. Coordinate your colors and please stay away from all white. Avoid all one-color outfits-all red, black, etc.  Choose clothes that harmonize and unite the subjects.   Comfortable goes a very long way toward great family images. Sweaters, jeans, khaki, chambray all are great.

Large bold prints or busy patterns will distract from faces and can add bulk or confusion to the viewer so we do not recommend them.

Fit is important as well, if the clothes are too big, they won’t get any smaller in the photos.

Small simple propping can add some fun to your shoot. Remember every element you add will age with time so it is best to move toward classic toys or props. Small teddy bears, a favorite toy. Flowers are nice but keep them to scale (no giant stargazers spreading pollen on party dresses).

Red wagons can corral speedy toddlers. We have even tied families together with ribbons for fun!

Hats can be a fun fashion accessory. Make sure they fit properly and we can see your eyes.

An Important Hint:
We have found the best family photos are done fast. Keep your parental expectations low and the bribes minimal and things tend to go great. Family portraits are one of the few places that children can exert ultimate control and if they realize it too early the process can get really bogged down.

Infants:  Be sure to coordinate your napping and feeding schedule with your sitting.  You do not want to have to try and unite your family with a tired, cranky baby.

Toddlers:  Delightful as they are they can be toddlers also be highly unpredictable.  Scheduling your session in the morning or late in the afternoon after naptime goes a long way toward success.  Non-sticky, messy treats can help.  Try to relax and just flow with the chaos and our photographers will capture the joy and craziness of parenting for years to come!

Preschoolers and school age kids are our specialty. Just remind them that this is going to be fast and fun if they listen and cooperate.  Please bring them to the camera scrubbed and combed to save time.  Avoid pre-bribing or threats as they will come back to haunt us all.

Teens, good news, they are not toddlers! Bring a couple of extra sweaters if plunging necklines or safety pins dominate their wardrobe and perhaps we can convince them a few different looks is fun.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

How To Sign Up

Okay, you're ready for your Unleashed portrait session!

Use the button below to see available sessions, dates & times and to make your appointment.
When booking your session, we will ask for your name, contact information & credit card that we will use to charge your session fee (see pricing). You can also cancel your appointment up to 3 days before your booked session.  You will receive a confirmation email once your appointment is scheduled.

To get in touch with us about your appointment, please email us at info@mugsyclicks.com or call (877) 459 MUGS.

Unleashed Price List

Shoot fee - $95
For standard Unleashed sessions this is a 20 minute session with a professional local photographer.
Additional time can be purchased for larger groups or families with small children who require more photographer time.

Package Special 1- $195 New Package Option!
(1) 8x10 & (4) 5x7's (split among any two poses) 
includes 4x6 Portrait CD of your entire session (sized for printing up to 4x6 so you can make unlimited prints or use online.  Retouching extra).
(Save $60 over ordering separately)

Package Special 2- $350 New Package Option!
(1) 8x10 & (4) 5x7's (split among any two poses)
includes Full Resolution Portrait CD of your entire session (sized for printing up to 4x6 so you can make unlimited prints or use online.  Retouching extra).
(Save $50 over ordering separately)

Individual Portrait Sheets
$35 each
Portrait sheets consist of one of the following and are chosen from one pose.
1-8x10 or 2-5x7s or 8 wallets (2"x3")

Wall Portraits:
 11x14 - $85 each 
 16x20-  $145 each

Canvas Wrap Portraits:
11x14- $149 each
16x20- $195 each

Digital Files CD -  Full-resolution files
One digital file - $95
Six digital files- $195  New Lower Priced Option

Entire Photo Session Files on disc - $295
Full resolution files for printing ANY SIZE!

4x6 Proof CD $150
Portrait CD consists of digital files from your entire session sized to print up to a 4x6.

Invitation/Mailing Prints- (Huge Savings over last year's prices)
(25) 4x6's - $75
(40) 4x6's - $125
(100) 4x6's - $155


Basic retouching (specifically blemishes and boo boos) included in print pricing if retouching notes are entered with order. More extensive retouching is available by quote.

Color Options
Images can be printed in black & white or color. Specialized color conversions, such as hand tinting, cross-processing, color wash, personalized sepia toning, other special effects, available at $50 per image.

Welcome to Unleashed!

We're really excited to kick off this new Mugsyclicks product line! Easy portrait sessions based on a different theme every few weeks, allowing people to get the style of portraits they want at an affordable price.